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Jun 26, 2017
News and Events
MP Ellis Announces $2.7M in Venture Capital for Tech Firms in PEC
Picton, Ontario, October 14th, 2016 – Neil Ellis, Member of Parliament for the Bay of Quinte Riding, today announced investments totaling $2, ...Full Story
Friday, October 14
Four Lennox & Addington County Businesses Receive EODP Support
October 28, 2016 – Lennox & Addington County The Prince Edward/Lennox & Addington Community Futures Development Corporation (PELA CFDC) and ...Full Story
Friday, October 28

Prince Edward Lennox & Addington Institute for Rural Development - PELAIRD

The Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington Institute for Rural Development (PELAIRD) was established in 2007 as a rural development research centre to serve the policy and information needs of Prince Edward and Lennox & Addington Counties.

The Institute’s objective is to facilitate the gathering of information, exchange of ideas, provision of policy alternatives to Government and attract the attention of academics, researchers and government to specific rural development issues in our community.

The Institute is presented on a virtual platform ( ) that requires minimal staff to operate thereby ensuring cost effectiveness and maximizing research funding and outcomes. Over the past 7 years, the PELA Institute has:

  • Helped remove accessibility barriers to critical economic development information for Eastern Ontario’s rural areas
  • Made use of the incredible talent and knowledge within Eastern Ontario while attracting the attention of academics specialized in the area of economic development
  • Raised the profile of PE/LA Counties with all levels of governments
  • Advocated for rural development in eastern Ontario
  • Built partnerships between rural areas and urban academic Centres of Excellence, most specifically with The Monieson Centre at the Queen’s School of Business
  • In partnership with The Monieson Centre, received almost $2M in funded to support partnership development and research creation and dissemination

Some of these issues that have been addressed include:

  • The lack of relevant, recent and specific data to rural Eastern Ontario areas and limited cooperation among the communities in Eastern Ontario
  • The lack of attention paid to Eastern Ontario issues by academics, researchers and politicians.
  • We have become the catalyst for providing and encouraging research on topics specific to economic development within the region. Topics of study have included amenity migration, training and development of the labour force, rural innovation, the knowledge economy, rural transportation, rural venture capital and angel investing and demographic changes.
“Dealing with the EODP was incredibly easy and the process required minimal time.  Staff was very helpful." - Howard Mahon, Wilton Tack
“Without PELA CFDC's support we would not have had the ability to take those much needed first big steps. You believed in us at a time when few did.” - Quincy Emmons, Fire X Protection
“We recommend the EODP funding to any business that believes in continuous improvement and development, and who is looking to fast forward business growth.” - Angela Lees, Calderwood Automation
"The connections I made and support system that was available during and after the program really helped. - Renia Tyminski, Hallowell Gardens Centre
"The in class portion of the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program was the most beneficial for me... I was given the resources and one-on-one guidance I needed to map out a successful plan. - Rob Fenwick, Former SEB Client