Aug 24, 2019
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Friday, November 24
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Tuesday, August 30

Strategic Community Planning

As part of the Community Futures Program, PELA CFDC supports strategic community planning as both a leader of strategic planning projects and as an active participant with community partners. PELA CFDC can provide critical strategic planning services and tools to support the efficient and effective development of community capacity in our community. PELA views building capacity in community organizations, ensuring efficient and effective allocation of community resources and identifying gaps in current programs and planning and development best practice action plans to support economic growth and prosperity as key priorities.

The following products/services are offered:

  • Leading and/or participating in organization or community planning processes
  • Providing resources (financial and staff/board time) to support strategic planning processes
  • Facilitate access to other resources and/or network to support the planning process
  • Provide access to data and information on the national, region and local economy to support evidence-based decision making

PELA CFDC provides community strategic planning services to the following customers:

  • Not-for-profit community-based organizations with limited planning skills and financial resources
  • Municipal Governments, organizations or committees

For more information on PELA CFDC’s strategic community planning services, please contact:

Eoin Callan, Executive Director
613-476-7901 ex 201

“Dealing with the EODP was incredibly easy and the process required minimal time.  Staff was very helpful." - Howard Mahon, Wilton Tack
“Without PELA CFDC's support we would not have had the ability to take those much needed first big steps. You believed in us at a time when few did.” - Quincy Emmons, Fire X Protection
“We recommend the EODP funding to any business that believes in continuous improvement and development, and who is looking to fast forward business growth.” - Angela Lees, Calderwood Automation
"The connections I made and support system that was available during and after the program really helped. - Renia Tyminski, Hallowell Gardens Centre
"The in class portion of the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program was the most beneficial for me... I was given the resources and one-on-one guidance I needed to map out a successful plan. - Rob Fenwick, Former SEB Client